String Him Up!

This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and I came across this article, which was posted by The Aquila Report’s Facebook page. This is, of course, in my area of self-proclaimed expertise, and falls within the bounds of what some of my friends have called the dead horse I’ve been beating. Naturally, I can’t be silent on this!

This article is a fun little read. Aimed primarily at women (of course), it asks the question: “Should [women] submit to [their] boyfriend?” This is a question I think I’ve dealt with elsewhere, both in conversation and blog posts, but perhaps not as explicitly as this article. Many would (but shouldn’t) be surprised that I agree wholeheartedly with Erin. Women aren’t called to submit to their boyfriends, or even their fiancees. They are, however, called to submit to their husbands.

Erin says at the beginning of her post:

But since I see dating as preparation for marriage (as opposed to just having fun), is it reasonable to think a girl could disregard what the Bible teaches about submission while dating then suddenly flip a switch after saying “I do”? Hmmm … that’s a little trickier.

As I have definitely dealt with elsewhere, the model which says, “dating is preparation for marriage,” has some massive problems which, on the surface, remain unseen in a lot of dating relationships. I daresay, the intimacy in those relationships might be approaching (if they haven’t already reached) a dangerous point.

Erin and I would, naturally (it’s me, after all!), disagree on the nuances. And, of course, on her definitions of ‘submission’ and ‘dating.’ But overall, we reach the same conclusion. And that brings me to my point:

If I were to say any of what she did, the cry, “String him up!” would echo throughout Christian female circles. My female readership would explode, and, as further evidence for this, the ones I’ve said this to in person have. You have to admit, it is interesting that when I say it, I’m wrong–but if she says it, well it’s golden!

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to face the rope.